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Alabama State Minimum

The State of Alabama has a minimum requirement of liability car insurance coverage that needs to be met in order for an individual to drive on public access roads legally. A driver involved in an auto accident or that is pulled over and does not have the minimum amount of car insurance coverage will receive a ticket. If an individual has […]

Alabama Health Insurance

The need for Alabama health insurance coverage is growing each and everyday, the best health insurance policy will provide coverage for the insured individuals lifestyle and will fulfill their individual requirements. Individuals placing money aside from each pay check just in case one day they get sick and have to go to the hospital, probably wont cut it.  Sadly to say, with the rates hospitals are […]

Types of Health Insurance

Alabama Health Insurance is a form of insurance which will cover your medical expenses when the time comes and you need them… sadly to say also one of the types of insurance that is also most forgot about. That is until it is needed. Health insurance can also include disability coverage, long term nursing and […]

Alabama Home Insurance

An Alabama homeowners and property insurance coverage protects the personal property and the home of the policy holder in case of a disaster. Alabama homeowners insurance coverage protects the owner from liability for the accident and damages to other people or damage to the property of others. In Alabama, many homeowners understand the importance of […]

Group Health Insurance

A small business or group consists of 2-50 employees in Alabama. Going by the records of 2006, the cost of an average health insurance premium for the month for a single person was $297 and with the cost for a single family at $777. The benefits of small business and group health insurance coverage in […]

Safe Driving Insurance Tips

Birmingham Alabama Insurance and Driving Facts The majority of Alabama residents will buy auto insurance and then forget about the whole process shortly after doing it. There are many things to keep in mind and be aware of, from facts to responsibilities as motor vehicle owners and drivers in Birmingham. With a car wreck every ten seconds in […]

Pay as You Go

Alabama Auto insurance is one factor or area in which people are thinking of ways on how to cut back and save a few dollars. Unfortunately, letting an auto insurance policy lapse to lower costs might  not be a very practical choice that a policy holder should make.  However a lot of individuals were doing it, so this prompted a number […]

Flood Insurance for Cars

Comprehensive Insurance for Natural Disaster and Flood Damage Just recently, Alabama had another big flood which necessitated rescue efforts to save many residents and their pets trapped inside their homes. The overnight rain caused flooding in central parts of Alabama deep enough to create a situation that needed rescue. Residents were fortunate enough to have the help that […]

Health and Life Insurance

Its a fact, over half a million residents of the State of Alabama do not have health or medical insurance coverage. Compared to the population of the state, this is quite a large number. Considering the fact that the lack of health care is one of the leading causes of premature death, finding an affordable […]

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